Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Today was a sad day as we wrapped up the last class of our First Year Odyssey: Telenovelas. Though, just like class, telenovelas end too. We learned many interesting facts about ending telenovelas, and how the music foreshadows the event. Foreshadowing is not only very important throughout the whole telenovela, but also in the very end. The finale should put you in a mood where you are content with everything that had happened from beginning to the end. Music plays a large role in making that happen. Directors will change the ending according to the audience also. For example, La Reina del Sur has two endings. One ending has music playing that would fit a more diverse audience, but the other appeals to an audience form the origin of the movie. Both endings were spectacular, and really captivated the audience.

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  1. I was also interested by the flexibility of the telenovelas. I feel like it is different from traditional shows produced in the United States because of the filming styles. Telenovelas are shot daily and all in one go, but American shows are filmed in seasons. If there is negative feedback to a character, a telenovela can change that relatively quickly. However, a show split into seasons will probably have to wait until the next season is filmed to make any major changes.