Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Genius Behind the Screen

I don't know about you, but I always forget that there has to be some genius behind all the on screen action that writes these masterpieces in the first place! Unlike my common misconception of the tv process, the actors don't just come out on screen and flawlessly preform a scene out of thin air, but someone has to write all the lines the actors say.

The idea that more than one person writes these episodes took me  a while to grasp. I had no idea that there was a Head Writer who comes up with the main idea for the show and writes a majority of the script, but he has a team behind him of writers who assist him. The writers have to produce a show to air everyday; a task that would be impossible for one man. There are certain people on his team for writing specific characteristics such as dramatic scenes, funny scenes, sad scenes etc... Once this team has come up with a script they are content with, the script then heads to the editing process before it is finally brought in front of the producer and directer to be shot.

In many cases, the writers are the hopeless romantics and creative geniuses who sometimes forget they only have so little times to shoot these episodes. Sadly, some of the writers ideas have to be changed in order for it to plausibly fit within the time frame. This prevents some tension between the producer, director, and writer, but in the end a masterpiece is produced nonetheless even if it wasn't part of the initial vision of the author.

It is important to not forget to give acknowledgment to the many people that appear behind the scenes of these telenovelas. Yes, the actors bring the script to life, but these shows would not exist without the genius of the Head writer and his team!


  1. I think about the writing process a lot as well. It blows my mind that they show a new telenovela everyday. I cannot imagine how critical it is to stay on schedule in this industry. The behind-the-scenes people do not get enough credit for what they do. This also makes me wonder about the families of the people involved. Filming these telenovelas seems very time demanding, so I wonder how often they get to see their loved ones. What happens in the case of an emergency? Dr. A said that usually the actors cannot get out of filming, but if the actors are hurt and can't perform, do they halt production? Do they just write out the scenes with that specific character for the day? It all seems incredibly tense and stressful to produce.

  2. Yeah it is definitely crazy that there is one person in charge of all of this stuff, especially when you think about the production schedule. When they make an episode every night, that has to be incredibly stressful. Sure, they have people assisting, but in the end they have the final say and that would definitely way on a person day after day.