Wednesday, February 24, 2016


It is usual for viewers to be sad when their show comes to an end. I often fall into a small sadness when I finish a binge-worthy Netflix series. However, I believe that telenovela viewers are exceptionally sad when the show ends. To go from watching a nightly telenovela for months to suddenly not watching at all can have an emotional effect on people. There is usually a strong attachment between viewer and character. Viewers are invested in these fictional lives. Some even feel as if they are a part of their lives; they love, hate, and root for these characters. This often makes both writing and watching a final episode very difficult.

To many diehard telenovela watchers no ending is a good ending. It can be extremely hard to say goodbye after earnestly watching a hundred episodes and getting emotionally attached. Due to their attachment, viewers generally have extremely high expectations for the final episode. This makes creating an acceptable ending very hard for writers. Because of this, telenovela writers often create similar endings. Common endings usually range from a stereotypical wedding scene or a sentimental walk into the sunset. Although most endings are slightly different, all endings have some sort of happy resolution. In Fatmagul Sucu Ne, Fatmagul finally sees her attackers answer for their crimes. She receives an outpouring of support and lives happily ever after with Kerim. I actually found this ending to be extremely satisfying. It was great to see Fatmagul's journey from depression enter into happiness.


  1. I also found the ending of my telenovela to be really satisfying. It was, however, still hard for me to watch the ending because I had been watching it for so long. I do feel a very strong connection to the characters, and I feel like that is why telenovelas are so popular.

  2. I agree that the ending of a telenovela is usually sad and sometimes disappointing for the audience. The ending is very bittersweet for many reasons. Throughout the entire show all you can think about is wanting to find out what happens to the characters, but by the time you get to the end all you want is for it to keep going. Saying goodbye to a telenovela is like saying goodbye to a friend that you have grown to know and love. However, the positive side of saying goodbye to a beloved telenovela is that there will be a new storyline and a new set of characters meet and love in your next telenovela.