Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rebelde: Depictions of the Characteristics of Telenovelas

The telenovela I chose to watch for the course was Rebelde. Rebelde centers on a group of teenagers at the Elite Way School that have various conflicts that intertwine with each other. The telenovela was actually a remake of an Argentinian version from 2003. The main cast of Rebelde also form a pop band known as RBD thus the telenovela allowed for greater publicity and sales for the group. Watching this telenovela, I thought I wouldn't become very addicted but I was proven wrong after the first episode. Overall, many aspects of Rebelde reflect the characteristics of a telenovela as discussed in class including many love stories, production, and representation & identity.

One of the major aspects of a telenovela is a love triangle. The main love triangle in Rebelde is between Mia Colucci, Miguel, and Celina. Mia Colucci loves Miguel but he instead decides to be in a relationship with Celina who is one of Mia's closest friends. Miguel however doesn't actually love Celina as he wants more information about Mia's father, Franco. Miguel main purpose in attending Elite Way School was to exact revenge for his father's death and he blames Mia's father for the demise of his father.As a result, Miguel goes expresses fake love to Celina who actually loves him. He gets various pieces of information including a business card and even gets to meet Franco but doesn't express his hatred. Overall, this shows one of the love triangles on the telenovela.

Rebelde has many characteristics of a traditional telenovela production. One example is the emotions as spectacle which is shown with the outgoing personality of the protagonist Mia. Another major characteristic is that almost all of the episodes end with a cliffhanger. One example is when Mia and her friends go on vacation, they go back to her room where they are met with a guest but the audience does not know who it is. The identity of the individual is not revealed until the next episode, thus showing a major characteristic of telenovelas. Another major tradition seen in Rebelde is the usage of telenovela actors that have been in several other telenovelas. An example if Ninel Conde, who plays Alma Rey, has played roles on other telenovelas such as Lo que callamos las mujeres and Como en el cine.

One of the major aspects of representation & identity shown in the telenovela is social class. Students at The Elite Way School can either pay their way in or earn a scholarship. Several cast members have a very poor attitude towards individuals that come into the school with a scholarship. An example of one person who came to the show as a scholarship student is Giovanni who avoids being labeled as a scholarship student by telling fellow classmates lies about the finances of his family in order to make himself better. Thus showing the effect of social class on the personalities of some characters. Miguel, one of the main characters, also gets a scholarship to the school and is a prominent example of a student from the lower class.

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  1. The love triangle does make the plotline a lot spicier. The tension that is built up due to them can really draw an audience into the show. There a plenty of close calls where the lovers may discover each other, complimented with music to enthrall the audience. Telenovellas really do know how to play on their viewer's emotions to get the best reaction out of them.