Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Building Plot of Pablo Escobar

In Pablo Escobar; El Patron Del Mal,  a serious love triangle has finally been introduced and expounded on, but it is an affair that Pablo's wife is only suspicious of, not certain. Pablo's relationship with his mistress, a news anchor with heavy public influence in Columbia at the time, is very dramatic and passionate, and of course all behind the back of Pablo's wife.
As well as the relationship drama, Pablo's political ventures have turned out to be disastrous to his anonymity in the drug trafficking world, and he is being exposed as a massive drug lord by power politicians that oppose his way of business. In the story, I just reach the point of Pablo's resignation from his position in the Columbian government, but only after he is forced to by the public after information of his past arrest is brought into the public light, exposing him for what he really is. This public spotlight causes tension not only between Pablo and the public, but also between Pablo and his associates in the drug trafficking world, who are upset at Pablo for not keeping a low profile like they suggested. As tensions increase, Pablo also has increasingly more problems with his mother and wife, who are both upset with him for the same reasons, and the suspense is killing me between all of the different angles of cliffhangers, I can't wait until I can get back and watch more.

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  1. I think that it is interesting that he is having trouble with his political career, and that he is slowly building a conflict with his acquaintances in the drug trafficking business. It reminds me of the conflicts that we talked about in class where the antagonist tries everything possible to keep the protagonists from falling in love. Although the issues I mentioned were not affecting the love triangle, it still adds to the drama and addictive element of the telenovela.