Wednesday, February 24, 2016

That's a Wrap

As we come to the close of this class, I realize that telenovelas are so much more than dramatic scenes and good looking actors. They tell stories, stories that we can all relate to. We find ourselves hooked on them, no matter how many times the storyline has been retold. Each different actor acts the story in a different light. The most interesting things I have learned from the class have been things one doesn't typically think about when talking about telenovelas. For example, last week we learned about regulations, particularly in Venezuela. It never occurred to me how many people were involved in producing telenovelas, I never thought the government would be involved. So many people impact the way the telenovela is produced, how it is written, and ultimately how it is presented. Even with the way they are shot, I never thought about how much worn truly went into telenovelas. From the writing to directing, to adding music and editing, so much has to be done for the show to be perfect. So in that, I really did appreciate this class because it made me realize that for the 40 or so minutes that it takes me to watch an episode, months and months of hard work went in to make that possible.


  1. When entering this class, I just thought we would just examine telenovela after telenovela. Instead we had a very in-depth analysis into what makes up a telenovela including production, characteristics,etc. I never realized the magnitude of the work that it takes to get a telenovela started and be successful. One of the favorite topics in the class for me was censorship as it detailed the rise and decline of the telenovela market in Venezuela. It an eye opening experience to see how a thriving entertainment sector in one country can be weakened in just less than 10 years. Also it led me to contrast the media culture of the United States to the media culture of Venezuela. Overall, this class has been very enlightening and fun to be a part of.

  2. I agree that we can all relate to telenovelas. Even though telenovelas have some of the craziest plots imaginable, we can all relate to the characters in some way or another. I also never really thought about how many factors were in play for the production of a telenovela. For example, when we talked about how the producers of a telenovela would not allow the writers to mention certain things in an episode because they are afraid of how the government will react is pretty crazy. Also, when you think about how an episode of a telenovela airs every night, that makes the amount of work put into them that much more impressive.