Wednesday, February 10, 2016

¡Cinco y Acción!

     Those behind the scenes of telenovelas are extraordinary people. On camera, we fall in love with the actors who are falling in love with each other, but it is those in production who invent the magic that makes us become so attached. For every one hour episode, there goes dozens of hours of work that is put into producing the story. Contrary to many American television shows, telenovelas can come out daily-- thus creating a time crunch that regular show do not face. The production crew must have stellar ability in multitasking and thriving in pressured environments. I am amazed that the writers can be creative on the spot to come out with a new episode the next day. Each show is a grueling process, and is by no means effortless. I enjoy seeing  how each camera angle crafts the writers image. I also ask myself the question: Is this really what the author's vision was? It is compelling to look away from the melodrama, and analyze the technical face of telenovelas. 

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  1. I think it is definitely interesting to think about if the authors vision is correctly portrayed in the version of the telenovela that airs daily. there have been many circumstances we spoke of in class were many changes have been made to the scripts of telenovelas because they were not practical to shoot for a show that has to air everyday. I wonder if that makes the writing process of a telenovela all the more difficult because you cannot grow as attached to your wok because there is always the possibility that the final product is not as you envisioned...