Monday, February 8, 2016

Irresistable telenovela

Limiting myself to only one episode of La Patrona is a difficult task. So many hooks keep me wanting more, but due to the fact that every night I have endless loads of homework I can only watch one episode in a sitting. Anyways, back to La Patrona. The first episode is full of twists and unexpected turns. The first episode is based around the wake of the boss of a mine. This mine is what is keeping this city going. The Bosses death was caused by the sheer fact that his wife is more in love with money than her, now dead, husband.

There is already a love triangle between the new boss, the lead female character (Gabriella Suarez), and the Boss’s son. Both the guys like Gabriella, but she is not interested in either. Her main focus is on providing for her son that is being bullied at his school. At the very end of the first episode, Gabriella and the new boss get stuck in the mine because the mine was unstable and caved in. This cliffhanger made me want to sit down and binge watch every single episode. This is why telenovelas are irresistible. 


  1. My telenovela, Pablo Escobar; El Patron Del Mal, is irresistible as well. With a cliffhanger at the end of every episode I find myself watching 5 or 6 episodes at a time when I have the chance, which is great to keep the plot fresh in my head. It's nice to not have to wait a week or even a day for the next episode, but also a huge time consumer. There isn't a prominent love triangle in my telenovela yet other than Pablo Escobar's infatuation with "dance girls" that he spends time with away from his wife, but since I'm familiar with how the plot will proceed, I know there will be a "main mistress" introduced into the plot soon, which will mix his political, business, and personal life all together that will create a whole mess for everyone. Mixed with the action and drama already present, it is safe to agree with you that telenovelas are definitely addicting and irresistible.

  2. I also try and limit myself to one episode per night, but it is almost impossible. Like yours, the first episode of my telenovela "Lo que me vida robo" ended in a huge cliffhanger. The two storylines collided in the meeting of the two protagonists in the very last instant of the episode and then the screen turned black. I knew they did this on purpose to keep me watching, and boy did it work.

  3. Trying to shut my computer after just one episode is basically impossible. I think telenovelas are very skilled in hooking the viewer because they build up so much drama within an episode, and then when it comes to an end the viewer is wound up and craves more excitement. The thrill accompanying the watching of a telenovela ignites a spark in each person, and I could definitely see why one would never want to let that spark die out. I feel drawn into the setting, almost as if I'm taking on the role of one of the characters, so why would I want my story to end? And I absolutely agree, I would get a lot more work done if it weren't for telenovelas...