Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Telenovelas: An Instructional Experience

Learning a language is a process that takes time. One cannot simply sit down for a day and suddenly become fluent in a foreign language. Like all other endeavors, there are many routes in which one can take to speak another language, whether it is reading instructional books, watching tutorial videos, or implementing the language into their daily lives for practice. Whichever route is taken, they all require tedious repetition and constant practice, making the idea of learning a language seem difficult and arduous, taking a ridiculous amount of time. What is the answer to all this treachery that could take the arduous labor away, making learning a language seem easy and enjoyable? Telenovelas. Although these drama packed episodes are thought of as pure entertainment, underneath all of the emotions is something much, much more. It may be difficult to understand what the characters are saying at first, but as the show wraps you into its crazy and dramatic plot, you begin to feel as though you can understand exactly what is going on. You start to hear the emotion behind words, and there is a real understanding in what is meant by certain phrases. You begin to recognize the same words used over and over again, and it becomes possible to associate these words with actions and feelings. When a woman cries, the words she speaks become a universal language that can be felt and understood by the viewer. When a man yells, the emotion and anger portrayed through the words spoken encompasses the viewer into a state of frustration for the character. Whatever the scene, telenovelas are sure to instruct the viewer on how to feel and the foreign language becomes easier and easier to understand. Although the technical aspects of the language may not be covered, the setting and emotional aspect of the language are expressed, which provides the backbone of the language as a whole. With the help of telenovelas, learning a language can be a fun and relaxing experience, teaching the viewer the Spanish language through the emotions and excitement of the telenovela characters.

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