Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Creation(behind the scenes)

I have a lot of time spent behind the cameras from me accompanying my dad during the filming of his several documentaries. So the information that we went over in class, specifically the effort and countless repetitions of a scene to get it just right, were of no surprise to me. I remember going with my father to shoot a five-second shot of the "Welcome to Georgia" sign over ten times over the course of an hour to make sure it was perfect. But I suppose I cannot be mad considering that this is an art to the directors, producers, and all the individuals involved, so perfection must be attained. The part mentioned during class of how the shadow of the boom mike ruining the shot is also a similar experience that I have shared (I was holding the boom mike). Also during the power-point it was mentioned that the actors and actresses always cared about how they looked on camera, which I would too if I was them, due to which I have had to see countless retakes of the same lines and scenes. 
Even beyond the filming portion of the movie or show, there is always the editing. While I do not have as much first hand experience of this portion, I have been there for the numerous times editors and tech savvy professionals have come over to help edit films and scenes so that they are smooth and pleasing to the audience. In my opinion the editing process is just as important if not more than the filming one since it is what brings all of the pieces together. Overall I feel that the creation of a film or series is infinitely more difficult than what the audience can imagine with all of its moving parts and details that are required to flow in prefect unison. However, when they do the following work of art is beautiful and captures not only the audience's attention but also their emotions and minds.

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  1. I find it interesting because when I was watching the BTS powerpoint, the people working behind the scenes were taking notice of things that I felt as though I would have not noticed had I not been watching for them. It made me wonder if those little things here and there make a huge difference in the overall quality of the shoot. I realized then that when watching a clip of any kind, if the quality is off in a little way even when I cannot notice, those little things take away from the overall quality of the product that even if the audience cannot pinpoint directly, will be able to feel while watching it.