Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Teresa in La Reina Del Sur

Teresa Medoza in La Reina Del Sur is the character that the audience is rooting for. It's impossible not to fall in love with her and to stop yourself from becoming emotionally invested in her success. She is a woman that continues to defy all the odds. The antagonists- the people that want her dead- cannot seem to kill her. She is smart, cunning, and quick thinking. My favorite part about her is that she challenges the traditional roles that women have in telenovelas. Women are typically portrayed as submissive to men, but here, Teresa is arguably just as strong as the men in this illegal drug trade industry. Women are also seen as innocent and vulnerable, susceptible to violence. Time and time again Teresa proves those portrayals to be incorrect. As I watch the episodes, I can't help but feel sorry for her. She puts on a brave front, but her life isn't easy. Since the death of her husband, Teresa has lived this "roller-coaster life". She is always on her feet, never finding real peace. Teresa knows more than the stereotypical telenovela woman, and she demonstrates her knowledge through the actions she takes. She shuts down the idea of "machismo", masculine pride, in Latin American society. I am impressed by her abilities to manipulate people and think for herself, and I think it is wonderful that there are shows that portray women with such a powerful image.


  1. In my telenovela, Duenos del Paraiso, the main character is also a female drug lord. She also happens to be played by the same woman, Kate del Castillo. I love that she is portrayed differently from other women. Both characters are smart and cunning and end up being extremely powerful. I find that these kind of telenovelas are becoming more and more popular, because the gender roles are switched.

    1. I love the shift in roles too!! That's funny that she is playing a female drug lord there too! She is the greatest. I think it's important to show the many varieties and capabilities of each gender. If there aren't strong women on tv, other female viewers won't see that position as a possibility for them in the future.