Monday, January 25, 2016

Seeking Excitement

Some people have lives that are full of action, surprise, and pure excitement... And some people don't. Whichever category you believe you fall under, it doesn't matter, because in the end, every person in this world craves more excitement and more thrill in their lives than what is already there. Telenovelas are full of drama, action, excitement, and suspense, drawing any viewer into the plot and into the character's lives. Why are we so drawn to this excitement? Simply put, it's in our human nature. We picture ourselves in the character's positions and wonder what we would do if something so crazy and radical could happen to us. It provokes our imaginations to go above and beyond, thinking bizarre and unexpected solutions. Although telenovelas are full of extreme drama that most people will never encounter in reality, this drama is based on real-life situations and problems that people actually face in their daily lives. Obviously, the drama in the telenovelas is exaggerated beyond belief to capture viewers, but the root of the drama is a reminder that every person faces pain, love, sacrifice, and other dramatics in their lives. This connection to the underlying issues gives the viewer something to think about while watching a telenovela, as if addressing one's own problems. The struggles of a single, working mother are portrayed in the telenovela, La Patrona, where a single mother works in a gold mine in order to provide for her son. Single mothers around the globe can connect to this show, not because they work in a gold mine, but because they relate this drama back to their own lives, where they must work strenuous conditions to provide for their families. This example portrays the idea that telenovelas, although full of intense drama, still make connections to the real world and everyday life. They show daily scenes, but add in action, dramatics, excitement, and many other intriguing aspects that fulfill the human being's craving to be involved in something crazy and intense. This pull to the exciting side of life creates a viewing empire for the genre of telenovelas.

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