Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A telenovela, a story that portrays love, passion, hatred, lust, and even revenge. Telenovelas take you on a roller coaster of emotions that you cannot get off of. Once you find a telenovela that sparks your interest you get drawn in and makes watching the melodramatic show a daily routine. In high school my assignment for honors spanish IIII was to write a short report on an episode of a telenovela of my choice. After writing that report I felt the urge to find out what happened next. It is that curiosity that keeps people watching a telenovela. They have a series of plot twists and cliff hangers you that make you keep wanting more.
La Patrona, a telenovela centered around Gabriela who was framed for a crime she did not commit, is the telenovela that I have become consumed in. After only watching a couple episodes, I do not have much to say except I know that it will be hard to stray away from watching it. I look forward to watching more episode because each episode leaves you wanting more.

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