Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Part of Life

It's interesting to me that telenovelas can become such a huge part of a person's life, watching the same telenovelas for years and years, sitting down at the same time everyday to watch their favorite show. Audiences become connected to the characters in ways unlike any other genre of entertainment, and it's impressive that it can affect people in such a way.

It also amazes me that telenovelas can be successful after so many years of repeating the same stories. It would seem to me that people would lose interest in a telenovela if they knew what was going to come, but the intense drama and the audience's connection to the characters give them a reason to continue watching for so many years, enough to be a part of life for many people. 

The immense variety in telenovelas allows for everyone to have their favorite show, anywhere from romance to action, such as Pablo Escobar: El Patron Del Mal, the telenovela that I am beginning to watch. I'm interested to compare it to the show Narcos that is on Netflix, to see the differences between a telenovela and a regular TV show on the same topic, specifically the differences in budget, production quality, and amount of different actors throughout the story. 

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  1. I love how telenovelas can become part of someone's daily routine of life. Not only do they have the power to draw families together with a common interest, but they can also give a person a sense of stability in one's life. Telenovelas are never boring, yet they take the viewer on an endless rollercoaster of many twists and turns. This drama and excitement gives the viewer a fantasy life that would typically not occur in reality. It can be surely stated that the majority of people's lives are nowhere near as dramatic as telenovelas, and this aspect is why telenovelas are so popular to all people. They give people something to look forward to in their busy, hectic days. They bring families together, as families wait all day to join together for the latest episode. Telenovelas have the power to unify people together, whether they are watching it in the same room, or from different sides of the world.