Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pushing Passion- India Persaud

People are passionate beings that feel real pain and definite struggles. We connect to each other through our stories which can be told and depicted in a plethora of ways. Telenovelas are a means of storytelling, and even though many see them as over-the-top, it is the connection that these shows instantly establish that allows for such a successful industry. I am intrigued by telenovela writers' style and spice that allow for such a magnetic attraction to their stories. Indeed, cliffhangers have us on the edge of our seats after each episode, but it is the longing to know if true love persists or if justice really does win that keeps viewers snagged. The audience grows to love their favorite characters as they would their own close friends. They weep and rejoice with the falls and victories of each beloved character, and this provides a direct relational tie. I wish to be in television production one day, and I take a lot out of telenovela techniques. The directors and writers of telenovelas have mastered the art of storytelling, and I would say no talent is sought after more. People spend a lifetime trying to sell their stories to society in hopes of encountering fame and fortune, but the producers of successful telenovelas are winning the game. They capture hearts, and that impressive feat sets them up for triumph. Telenovelas are a product of media and culture, so I find it amazing that one can learn so much from a society from their TV shows! This cultural element of telenovelas is the most beautiful factor to me because anyone can connect cross-culturally with these shows. In class, I have glimpsed a piece of the depths that Telenovelas hold. From political statements to societal criticism, these shows reveal their complexity with each episode. I am analyzing the telenovela Avenida Brasil, and though the plot revolves around love and revenge (as many of these shows do), I can already see the criticism of Brazil's issue with slums and poverty through the treatment of the children in the episodes that take place in the junk yard. Currently, I am eager to learn more about telenovela culture in class lectures, and to also seek more analysis on Avenida Brasil. The more I do this, the more I can see of a society's culture and their unique way of life.

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  1. I find that people become hooked to telenovelas, not only because of the juicy story lines, but also because of the shows "relatability". Although relatability is not a word, it is the only thing that can accurately depict how I feel. It is easy to relate to the emotions and subsequent actions of the characters. In Fatmagul I truly feel sorry for the protagonists. The show evokes emotion that captivates not only me, but millions of others. A shows ability to encapture and relate to it's audience directly relates to its success.