Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cant Stay Away

Like most people of this generation, I have mastered the art of "binge watching." I thought I had finally controlled this addiction after years of trying to control this habit, but I was very wrong. After being introduced to the world wide phenomenon, the telenovela, my addiction quickly returned. How am I supposed to stop watching after only one episode when every single show ends with a dramatic cliffhanger leaving me wanting more?! I thought I had watched dramatic TV series in the past, but nothing compares to the action packed 45 minutes of the telenovela. Not only are they dramatic, but there are so many different varieties, so there is a telenovela catered to everybody's specific tastes. Personally, I am a huge soccer fan, so of course I picked a telenovela that involved a lot of futbol, "Avenida Brasil." I was hooked after only watching the trailer as one of the first scene opens with the view of a beautiful stadium. The trailers for telenovelas, specifically this one, are also very different than commercials for normal TV series. They explain the basic plot of the series and provide just enough drama to reel you in, leaving you wondering at the end of the clip. I know this is exactly how i felt after watching the trailer for "Avenida Brasil." I haven't even begun the show, but I already know that once I start, I wont be bale to stop. That is the pure power of the telenovela.


  1. I have also chosen the telenovela "Avenida Brasil". This show brings a totally new meaning to binge-watching, and it is a much more intense definition. You do not just watch the show because you want to avoid homework... we watch because we long to know what will happen next. I am also a futebol (soccer) fan, but I also love Brazilian culture, so this show is a perfect pick for me. I am amazed at how many audiences this telenovela connects to: soccer fans, drama lovers, the entire people of Brazil, and more! I too am quite excited to keep watching this show.

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  3. I feel the same way! I chose to watch La Reina del Sur, and I can't stop watching these episodes. I usually watch them in dorm room, and my roommate decided to join me one afternoon. Just after one episode, she was also hooked and wanted to watch them with me. The cliff hangers and plot twists kept us watching. As I continue watching them, I am constantly impressed at how quickly they produce these episodes. Yeah, the quality of the telenovelas is not the best, but the plot lines are so dramatic and so enticing that it is hard to stop "binge watching" them. I definitely recommend La Reina del Sur on Netflix if you chose to watch another.